Roberta Bantel & Friends LLC

Our Services

One To One Coaching:

An individual coaching engagement helps a leader to understand how his/her behavior impacts his/her success and the success of a company.
A one to one consultation provides leaders with tools and training on a practical level. Focus is on further developing the leader‘s personal strengths and increasing effectiveness of communication and performance.
We offer one to one coaching in Portuguese, English, Swedish and Spanish.

Leadership Development Workshops:

Leadership development workshops are customized to accommodate groups of 15-25 people and can be done in blocks of 1, 2 or 4 days.
A group engagement allows professionals with various career levels from one organization to improve their leadership skills in a team environment. Together, the participants will learn to use techniques and tools that will improve their performance and leadership skills.

Leading in Multicultural Environments - Workshop:

Training session to provide leaders with actionable ways to broaden their leadership through cultural influence. Customized to accommodate as many as 30 participants and can be done in blocks of 1, 2 or 4 days.

The sessions will provide leaders in multicultural environments with interactive, engaging and substantive dives into different elements of our cultural leadership model, targeting:

  1. Heightened awareness of multicultural self
  2. Heightened awareness of multicultural others
  3. Increased curiosity and ability to assess impacts of cultures
We currently offer workshops in English only.