Roberta Bantel & Friends LLC


Roberta Bantel & Friends, LLC specializes in leadership development by people who understand your business and your reality.

Our coaches have career backgrounds ranging from CEO and VP to top executive of global Fortune 500 companies. Several years of high-level success from diverse industries form the basis of our team. We use this expertise to work with leaders who wish to further develop professional skills and behaviors that influence them and their companies.

We are passionate about training leaders who strive toward excellent performance in multi-cultural environments or transitional situations.

Our philosophy is that leadership can be best developed working with a leader’s personal strengths rather than “correcting” personal weaknesses.

The focus on broadening impact of a leader’s strengths is supporting individual motivation and awareness of the impact a leader has in teams and people around him/her.

Our passion for development of leadership in multicultural corporate environments comes from believing that leaders can develop and support the creation of new corporate cultures. This is done by heightening their awareness of a multicultural self and multicultural others, increasing their curiosity and ability to assess impacts of cultures.